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    Kinai's Custom Jutsus

    Kinai Takai-Gyoushi

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    Kinai's Custom Jutsus

    Post by Kinai Takai-Gyoushi on Sun Oct 09, 2011 7:47 pm

    (more to come but approve or disapprove)

    Name:Claws of Secrecy


    Chakra Color: Usually the users chakara elemetnt(ex:Red, Blue, Green)
    (also if it is a high jounin or anbu the user can make it clear so it can't be spotted)

    Type: Ninjutsu

    Description:The user does handsigns depending on the rank. Jounin + do not have to use handsigns but anything below jounin does. The user can create 1 inch spikes from their fingers. They are water under high pressure to make it dense and harder than steel. They are also extra thin so very hard to be seen. Check chakara color for more explaination.

    Weapon needed: No

    Clan Jutsu: Yes

    Can be used by others: Only Clan Members

    Jutsu Level: A

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