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    Forbidden Jutsus

    Kinai Takai-Gyoushi

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    Forbidden Jutsus

    Post by Kinai Takai-Gyoushi on Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:52 pm

    These are strictly forbidden jutsus. Only people even able to learn these are Kage's and Sanins. Sometimes even S-rank rouges are able to. Even if they are able to then it would be one max.

    Dead Soul Skill (Shikon no Jutsu)
    A jutsu which causes a dead bodies' heart to beat for a few minutes. In this time, the user can move dead bodies, to act as targets or diversions.

    Demon Monkey King Summoning (Kyuchiyose - Enkouou Enma)
    A Jutsu that summons King Enma (Demon Monkey). Enma is also able to transform into the 'Thunderbolt Staff'

    Demonic Soul Seal (Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin)
    A sealing jutsu. Summons Death himself, which joins with the actions of the user. The Death Lord reaches into a outline of a soul in front of him which is actually the summoner. When the user grabs the enemy, Death extends his hand through the soul outline and comes out from the stomach of the summoner. Death's hand goes into the enemy's stomach where from it literally rips the soul out. After the soul is pulled back into the user, the user says "Fuuin" which means "Seal" in english and this completes the seal of the soul in the user's body. This can be used until the user runs out of energy, and since it is a sealing jutsu, there is a price. The user pays the price with his life, which death devours. The souls of both the user and the target are kept in the belly of the summoning, and are enemies for all eternity. Apparently if the soul is not completely extracted from the body, Death can cut part of it and seal just the part which he has grasped. In Orochimaru's case this was his arms, which are now lifeless and unusable.

    Genesis of Rebirth (Ninpo Sozo Saise)
    The user stores unused chakra. This chakra becomes compressed and sealed away in the body. When in need, the user can bring forth the stored charka for whatever purpose he or she wants it for. In Tsunade's case, she uses the stored chakra to instantly heal herself. Not only can the stored chakra heal every single organ in her body, it can also regenarate tissue that was destroyed. Tsunade also comments that because this technique uses her chakra to regenarate, she will "never die in battle." Shizune comments in her mind that there actually IS a limit to how much Tsunade can regenarate. She also lets us know that "to hasten healing is to shorten one's lifespan!"

    Immortality Skill (Furou Fushi no Jutsu)
    A jutsu that grants the user the ability to project his soul into the world, anchoring the spirit. The user can then find a new body, take control of it, and once again become young. It is a reincarnation ability.

    Impure World Resurrection (Kyuchiyose Edo Tensei)
    A very high level and forbidden summoning skill. The user summons the bodies of the person/people he prefers in wooden boxes with their name on it. After the bodies are summoned the summoner must insert kunais knifes into the summoned bodies. These knives nullify the summoned person's soul and give control of the soul to the summoner.
    For this summoning human sacrifices must be made so that the soul of those whom were sacrificed can tie the summoned to this world. One person must be killed for one summoned person. Two for two and so on.

    Ninja Arts; Toad Mouth Eclosure (Ninpou Gamaguchi Shibari)
    A technique in which Jiraiya turns his surroundings into the inside of a toad's stomach. There is no way out or in unless the Divine Illumination ninjutsu is used inside the toad's stomach. The stomach can crush, grab, and also protect when controlled by Jiraiya. This technique has almost a 90 percent chance of death, just like Gaara's Desert Graveyard.

    Water Element,Water Wave (Suiton,Suishouha)
    A jutsu which creates water out of no where and then thrases it all over the place drowning the opponent and slamming them into solid surfaces. The attack requires a high ammount of chakra to be performed

    Secret Tree Element Technique; Tree-World Construction (Mokuton Hijutsu, Jukai Koutan)
    A secret jutsu only the 1st knows about, it uses chakra to be converted into a source of life and enables the user to control plant life and create large plants to be used as a barrier. It's a jutsu only used by the 1st, the man who put an end to an era of wars and created Konoha.

    Bringer of Darkness (Kokuangyou no Jutsu)
    Creates an illusion of complete darkness over the battlefield. It traps the opponent into absolute darkness, where they can see nothing but their own body. The person/people trapped inside the genjutsu cannot see the user if the user decides to attack, therefore defending one's self is extremely hard.

    Description: This jutsu is know as the most powerful lightning jutsu to ever be created. This jutsu can only be used by the for highest lightning masters. These ninja are four of the konoha "12 Ninja Guardians" .To perform this jutsu the users must get into place(shaped like a cross).
    This takes three turns and if anyone the users are stopped this attack is canceled.Only can use this jutsu. Note: the user must summon Kitane, Tou'u, Seito and Nauma (the lightning masters of the 12 Ninja Guardians).

    Rasen Shuriken - Spiral Shuriken
    Fuuton • Rasen Shuriken is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. Rasen Shuriken was developed by Uzumaki Naruto out of the original Fuuton • Rasengan. This spiraling Wind attack has only been seen in a half completed state. But even in this incomplete form, it has wrought massive destruction. With the aid of clones Naruto will form Rasengan and add the Wind Element. Though called "shuriken" the attack is not thrown. The trick name along with the aid of clones who act as a feint allow Naruto to get in close and strike his opponent. The attack itself can only be maintained in his hands for a few seconds time. Rasen Shuriken is formed by enumerable miniscule small blades which slice into every cell of his target, severing the chakra circulatory channels connecting all the vital points on the body. Once it connects the highly dangerous attack will envelop the target in a massive sphere of destruction. The attack hits the opponent in such a way that it is even beyond the abilities of the Sharingan to copy. Due to its channel severing nature, the result on the body resembles a fast acting poison more than an outright attack. Unfortunately this same damage is done to Naruto's arm. For that reason Tsunade declared it forbidden

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