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    Event 1: War


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    Event 1: War

    Post by kotaro7914 on Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:43 am

    As our story begins with the end of the great shinobi war, another is already in the making. With the meeting of the Raikage, Mizukage, and Hokage ending with the signing of what has come to be known as the Triangle treaty, the villages have begun to rebuild almost completely. But with the attempted assassination on the 3 kage's by the village hidden in the wind, distrust is already forming between the new allies. The Raikage has already sent spies to the Wind village, finding that it is under leadership of a group of rogue shinobi and is in league with the village hidden in the rocks. With this shocking information found, a war is starting to brew, and only the combined efforts of old enemies can stop the deadly force that threatens the newly found peace.

    This will be the first plotline that will set up the world. After the war begins, it will be ongoing until the administraters determine otherwise. This is not a fixed plotline and can be changed by the outcome of what you RP. If you want to make a serious change, like a large scale battle, PM me or Kinai to check with us. Remember, these are only guidelines, you create the story and how the war will end. Any questions, PM me or Kinai.

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