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    Kinai Takai-Gyoushi

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    Kinai Takai-Gyoushi

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    Character Information

    Name: Kinai takai-gyoushi

    Age: 19

    Gender: male

    Place of Birth: Kiri

    Date of Birth: Dnt know the year here

    Appearance: Avitar. Kinai is approximately 5'11. He weighs nearly 145 pounds. His eyes are green with a tint of red. He has dark brown to black hair with a tint of greyish white. He wears the tradition shinobi uniform with a black robe over it to conceal his katanas

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 145 lbs

    Personality: First of all Kinai is a calm cool headed shinobi. He prefers to work alone then working with a team mainly because he likes to test his skill. Second of all he doesn't like to show emotion mainly because he thinks it shows weakness. He also doesn't have a sense of humor. So in other words he is mainly serious. Like said earlier he is cool headed but only to a point. He can take only much stuff from one person, once pushed past his limit he gets angered and it is hard to stop his rampage.


    • Train
    • missions
    • Kill

    • cocky people
    • working in teams
    • sitting around and doing nothing

    History: below
    Academy Arc
    As an academy student kinai excelled in multiple levels. Mainly genjutsus and taijutsus. He was enrolled at the age of 11 where he quickly surpassed all of his peers and graduated at the second to the top of his class. Also while in his class he was deemed a prodigy mainly because of his unique skills and how good he could adapt to any battle scenario. His teachers thought he was a level above his peers so during his time in the academy he was learning genin jutsus as an academy student, but anyways quickly after suceeding the tests he was giving his Kiri headband which then deemed him a new found genin of the Village hidden in the Mist.

    Genin Arc:
    During his time of genin he was in search to master his new found bloodline. Since he came from a Uchiha and Hyuuga user he was giving an un imaginable bloodline. During his time of genin he was also put to many unusual high ranking missions. This set him away from other genin and he was deemed to be a prodigy. After a couple years worth of training he mostly mastered his basic levels of the bloodline. After succeeding in that he was quickly placed in the chunin exams where he nearly lost his life in the quarter finals. He had to wait and train for another year straight into the wild. Once he was enrolled back into the chunin exams he was quickly winning round after round. When he came to the finals of the chunin exams he seemed to be outmatched but by the new found power of his bloodline he quickly surpassed his opponents abilities quickly defeating him. Instead of just defeating him he executed him to test his power and his willing and readiness to strike anyone down. The judges weresketchy on letting him become chunin for his actions. After a month of held in jail he was set free and giving the rank of chunin

    Chuunin Arc:
    After becoming a chunin it wasn't long before he was put on missions. The mizukage trusted him and had him go on assassination misisons occasionally. Though he was a young age and a low rank he was still a trusted member of the Kiri. Despite his school being over he continued to train on perfecting his clan abilities along with his own jutsus. He also continued to train his skills so one day he could become a Ranin, Sanin, or maybe even a Mizukage. After about a year of being a chunin he was enrolled into the jounin exams which was mainly mental tests. With the help of his bloodline he easily passed that and given his jacket to label him a jounin of the mist.

    Jounin Arc:
    Once becoming a jounin he quickly learned to finally control his bloodline and not let his anger get the best of him. He has grown alot since he was a Genin. Used to he would get infuriated in a second, but now he is a cool headed and reliable shinobi. His village greatly depends on him mainly because he does missions whenever he can. He also picks up on jobs other people are not able to finish. Even if it is a minor job. Shortly after being a jounin the Mizukage seen his potential and called to talk to him one day.

    Anbu Arc:
    Once in the office of his Kage. They had a deep conversation of his missions and how well he was doing as a jounin. They both agreed that he still hasn't reached his full potential. So before kinai left the office that day the Mizukage asked him to be part of the Anbu. He was assigned to assassination and interogation. The reason for this was his bloodline allowed him to use the sacred mangekyou abilities of the sharingan. He is able to use them but not to the full potential of the jutsu. While on a mission one day the Mist was attacked and everyone in it was killed. Kinai returned to the site of his Mizukage who was like a father to him dead in his office. There were bodies laying all around him so he have fought valiantly. After the remaining mist village people gathered and regrouped they elected kinai as the new Mizukage. Mainly because he was so loyal to the village and that he was the next strongest in line for the kage title.

    Kage Arc:
    As kage Kinai started to rebuild the village and tries his best to meet the needs of his new found people. He continues until this day to perform his duties to serve his village to the best of his abilities.

    Ninja ID

    Village:Kiri (Mist)

    Rank: Mizukage

    Element:Water and fire

    Nindo: To never give in. Strive for perfection and don't hesitate to slaughter

    Skills: specializes in Kenjutsus/tai, and Gen

    You can only use Jutsus that your Rank allows you to. For example a Chuunin can have up to 4 skills. But cannot exceed B-rank Jutsus.

    Equipment: Dual Katanas one is jet black and the other is as silver as the moon light

    Fighting Styles: kenjutsu/taijutsu and gen

    Jutsu: will fill later

    Misc. Information

    RP sample:
    Kinai slowly walked away from his former village. He couldn't return mainly because of his gruesome actions. He would have been labeled a murdered and sentenced for life or either execution. "Why must I be judged for these skills I possess?" he asks himself as he continued his walk. He reached the bridge which connected the mist to the leaf where he was met by 2 chunin. One from each village. "Stop right there" The ninja said. Kinai took a few more steps before coming to a slow halt "Kinai takai-gyoushi You are here-by known as a rouge ninja to the mist and to the leaf. We have orders to either arrest you and bring you in or kill you on site" the ninja finished.

    Kinai slowly brushed away his robe revealing both his katanas "do you really think you amount a chance to me?" He asked as he let out a wicked chuckle. He placed a hand on each katana and slowly started to unsheath them "I would advise you not to do that" the chunin from the leaf said as he prepared for a battle "Yes" he said with a pause "You can come back peacefully or be struck down where you stand Kinai laughed at the comments of the two shinobi "well lets see what you can do" He said as he ran torwards them with his katana's drawn. the two shinobi quickly drew kinai and was ready for anything. As he reached the two ninja he swung his blades in a large arc resembling an X pattern. They quickly held their kunai up easily blocking the attack.

    As soon as the metals clashed kinai did a quickly spinning heel kick trying to trip up the ninja and throw them off. One of the ninja was hit and fell as the other was ready for it and quickly jumped over the leg coming down with and elbow which hit kinai in the chest. The blow knocked the breath out of him briefly but didnt take long to recover his composure. He swiftly rolled to his feet and charged once again but this time on the approach he threw one katana into the ground and used it as a stool. He leaped from the hilt of the katana and did a flip with the blade sticking out. The katana quickly sunk into the chunin from the mist's head killing him almost instantly.

    The shinobi from the leaf threw his kinai and it pierced the chest cavity of kinai. He winced from the pain before quickly jumping back. "It is impossible for you to strike me down" Kinai pulled the kunai from his chest and assessed the damage. To his suprise it only hit the bone and didnt penetrate any deeper. As soon as he was done with that he activated his special eyes from his bloodline and just one gaze into the shinobi's eyes drew fear into him. Kinai laughed as a wicked smile creeped along his face. "You are in my territory now" He said with a pause "I needed him gone for my next trick" He said referring to the mist shinobi.

    He did handsigns as a thick fog rolled over the battle field and the other shinobi was still struck by fear as he heard "This is the end for you" The opponent shinobi started to freak out mainly from fear and panic and started to do handsigns shooting multiple fireballs in many directions. Some of the fireballs came close to kinai but they were easily evaded. He quickly closed the gap between him and the shinobi from the leaf. Once in close he sent a few yet swift punches to the shinobi's chest knocking the wind out of him. After that was done he circled behind him and decapitated him by holding the katana's to his neck in an X pattern and just slowly started to close the gap

    Nicknames: Illusion Of The Mist

    Takai-gyoushi Eyes (Death Stare)

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